Introducing eyeQ live viewer

Real live viewer for real life viewing

eyeQ works with your smartphone, giving you the freedom to enjoy the moment in real time.  Just slip your smartphone into the eyeQ and you’re ready to go.  Now you can zoom in and capture better videos, photos, live stream, and share all at the same time.

Watch eyeQ in Action

eyeQ’s advanced optics magnify your smartphone’s screen so you can view the live event in HD. The innovative touch pad interface connects through Bluetooth to activate all your phone’s camera functions. It’s simple, one touch slide zoom action allows you to see and experience what you capture while live streaming.

eyeQ is the world’s 1st real live-viewer
for real life viewing.

Invented for everyone who wants to capture and really experience life’s special moments. eyeQ gives you the freedom to enjoy what you’re recording, live stream and share with others.

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Innovative Touchpad

Just swipe the touchpad to activate the eyeQ app and gain full control of your smartphone’s camera functions. The heads-up display on the eyeQ app maps to the touchpad interface which is conveniently placed on top of the eyeQ, where your fingers are on the controls.


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“Recording with my phone using eyeQ is 10 times better!"
CJ JacobsEIR ReadWrite Labs
"WOW! This better than I imagined! I love concerts and outdoor events and would use it even use it if I wasn’t recording, it’s amazingly clear to view thru!"
Jeremy WallFounder /CEO Lumenus

Message from Founder/CEO/Boss Lady

Cool product isn’t it…
Hi! I’m Mary Shulenberger, founder of Parle Innovation.  We’ve invented the eyeQ live viewer to eliminate the trade off between taking a video with your phone at arms length or being in the moment.  With eyeQ, instead of missing the moment you’re immersed in it.  Don’t miss out on the live experience of the moments you capture because if it’s worth capturing, it’s worth experiencing.  We love all the support we’ve received so far, but now we need your help in getting the eyeQ in your hands!  Register here to be first to get your eyeQ, and share this link NOW with your friends and family so we can send you cool rewards when they sign up or download our app!  They will love you for it and so will we!
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And don’t forget to download the new eyeQ app TODAY!


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