The World's First Fully Immersive  Binoculars For Your smartphone

So you can capture the moment while experiencing it.

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eyeQ’s intuitive touchpad maps to a heads up display to control your phone's advanced camera features all at your fingertips.


Wirelessly, zoom, capture, live stream and share it all while you enjoy the moment!

Easy To Use

Simply slip in your smartphone and experience the moment like never before. You're going to love it!

Features & benefits

Integrated intuitive touchpad so you can control your Phone's camera.

Immersive, innovative optics let's you view the event in gorgeous HD.

Advanced eyeQ camera app, maps to the eyeQ's touchpad to control your settings.

Water resistant for water sports and boating activities.

Bluetooth enabled for instant connectivity with eyeQ to your phone.

Amazing 16x zoom capabilities to get you up close to the action.

Designed to use anywhere you go.

Easy Touch

The result is a high quality HD view of the world with up to 16x zoom that allows you to record, photograph, share and live stream.


Immersive Viewing

eyeQ is a versatile smart device for imaginative android and iphone users.  Compose stunning photos and videos while enjoying  a highly immersive AR experience.


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“eyeQ is something I really got excited about!

We wandered the [EAA AirVenture] show looking for new and different things, saw lots of cool airplanes and stuff like that… 

...but with this thing I went WHOA – this is really cool!”

Chauncey's Great Outdoors - ESPN Chicago

Listen to the full interview here!

Wireless. Effortless. Magical.

Order Yours today and become an Early Backer for special discounts and packages on the eyeQ Live Viewer.